NSAR carried out a missing person exercise at Irchester country park, with both Existing members and new interested parties.  three teams were sent out to search for the “misper” with a successful outcome.

In addition to this pre exercise we had a talk and basic training in some rope work, which will come in useful in our work.

Special thanks go out to Martin for his teachings!




The first training night of the new year saw some very useful training inputs from our colleagues. Thanks go to Tony from Northamptonshire Police who is a POLSA (Police Search Advisor).

Tony gave a talk about the Police side of  planning a missing person search. Thanks also go to John Mayes from Midshires SAR who gave an input on the role of a search planner and also search dogs- he brought his search dog Bella.

IMG_5370 IMG_5375


NSAR members attend Northants County Council local Resilience forum meeting to talk about what we do.


More new members have passed their BST course,this now helps to bolster our call out resilience.

Committee meeting after AGM




NSAR navigation and map reading night. New members also got their BST certificates handed out. Well done!



NSAR members took part in Search exercise at Fermyn woods. Great team work. Thanks goes to Paul Marlow who acted as the casualty, Jon Mayes from Midshires Search and Rescue for helping us with Control and Search planner and Gordon from Northants 4×4 volunteer group.


Members from NSAR attended a volunteers resilience exercise in Brixworth.
This was in an observer capacity to see what went on. Thanks go to Gordon from Northants 4×4 group, we hope to be working closer with this group in the future. Thanks also go to Joanne at Northamptonshire County Council for inviting us.




NSAR training Exercise due to take place on 27/10/13

09/10/2013 –

We will shortly have a charity number which enables the group to apply for bigger Grants. We are still looking to source a suitable Van for a control vehicle, if you know of anyone who may be able to help with a Van Donation please email us at NORTHANTSSAR@OUTLOOK.COM

Cranford Steam Rally

Many thanks to all who helped out, the two day PR and Recruiting stand for NSAR went really well and gained a lot of interest and some much needed donations too.




NSAR members held Recruiting and Fundraising stall at Cranford Steam Rally, Kettering.
The first day of the two day event was a complete success. The weather started to improve from a dull start early afternoon. Plenty of interest. Come and see us Sunday if you have not been down. Thanks go to Jon Mayes for bringing his Search dog Bella.



NSAR is preparing for our recruitment stand at the Cranford steam rally this coming weekend, this will be a great opportunity to let people know what we are about. Photos will follow after event. Come and see us and Search Dog Bella!


NSAR receives computer donation from AML computers based in Gayhurst, north Buckinghamshire. The computer will assist us with operational record keeping and data storage. Thanks go to Julian at AML computers.


NSAR new members pass Basic Search Technicians course, well done to those who attended and passed their two day assessment. This helps to ensure that team resilience is maintained for live call outs. Thanks go to Dave Housley and team at Midshires Search and Rescue for their help in running the course.



NSAR team members take part in a photoshoot.


15/08/2013 –
NSAR is displaying at Kettering Vintage rally and steam fayre on 21-22nd September.
Come and and say hello!

12/08/2013 –

NSAR Chairman Steve King speaks to BBC Radio Northampton about NSAR. Well done Steve great job.

11/08/2013 –
What could be easier. Buying your goods online and raising money for NSAR via your purchases. Click on link below to register and when you buy something from the massive list of online shops ranging form Tesco’s to Maplin the shop will donate some money to NSAR- Everyone’s a winner!


BST CPR refresher done for new members. Thanks go to Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue and Chris Stephenson for letting us use their Burton Latimer Fire ststion training room. Photos to follow on photos page


Fermyn woods BST training went very well, thanks to all of the new members who turned up and they worked really well developing their skills for the upcoming BST course on 15th Sept.
Thanks also go to Ami, Katie and Dave from Glendon rocketts Scout group for their help with playing the role of missing people to enhance the training.

Photos are on our new photo page which you can access from the main menu.


Northamptonshire Search and Rescue Team benefit from having a defibrillator funded by SADS UK.

Northamptonshire Search and Rescue Team are involved in supporting the Police and searching and locating vulnerable missing persons. Typically being first on scene to provide emergency care until the arrival of the ambulance service it was crucial that they had a vital piece of equipment with them at all times, a defibrillator, the only piece of equipment that will restore the heart rhythm if a person suffers a cardiac arrest.

Hearing their plea for this potentially lifesaving equipment, the cardiac charity SADS UK assisted the team, who now benefit from having a defibrillator along with the rest of their rescue kit.

Anne Jolly, Founder of SADS UK, the Ashley Jolly SAD Trust, says,

“SADS UK is pleased to assist Northamptonshire Search and Rescue Team. In the case of a person suffering cardiac arrest being first on the scene means they can deploy the defibrillator in this emergency situation giving the person the very best chance of survival. If CPR is used it gives a person a 5% chance of survival, but coupled with using the early defibrillation it increases the chance of survival to over 50%.”

Steve King, Chairman of Northamptonshire Search and Rescue says,

“Northamptonshire Search and Rescue organisation is working towards Charity status and as such does not receive government funding for any kit or training. NSAR would like to thank SADS UK for their help by giving us an A.E.D grant for £450. This has enabled the group to purchase an A.E.D (automated external defibrillator) which will be taken on live callouts and training for use with the team medic kit.

The A.E.D purchased is a PHILLIPS LIFEPAK CR PLUS (shown below)


For more information please contact:-Anne Jolly, founder SADS UK: 01277 811215 Mobile: 07913 404259
SADS UK 01277 811215, email, web

Steve King, Northants Search and Rescue: Chairman: 07939547560

16/07/2013 – Team standby for 9 year old misper in Kettering. Stood down within the hour at POLSA direction. Thanks go to MIDSHIRES SEARCH & RESCUE for assisting NSAR with their control van and 9 members who were on standby to assist. WWW.MIDSHIRES.ORG.UK

Silverpoint outdoors have very kindly donated some LED Lanterns and head torches to NSAR. Please click the link below to see a range of quality torches and lanterns at great prices. Northamptonshire Search and Rescue would like to thank Silverpoint outdoors for supporting our volunteer organisation by donating the torches which will help us with our mission to search for missing people.


11/07/2013 – First Aid basic team refresher.

04/07/2013 – NSAR held a Basic search Technician introduction night for new members. This covered the key basics of a search, key techniques such as the searchers cube and route and path searching.
Many thanks go to those who made the night a real success, the weather was awesome.


NSAR collects used printer cartridges to be recycled. £1.00 is donated to NSAR for every cartridge handed in. By clicking the link below you can order some envelopes or boxes for collecting multiple cartridges from your work place.


02/07/2013 – NSAR committee meeting.

24/06/2013 – Ben Hogan NSAR training officer was live on BBC Radio Northampton talking about NSAR and what we do- well done Ben.

23/06/2013 – First Aid training for members to be held on 11th July.

13/06/2013 – Training session saw members completing a 5 mile walk in under 2 hours.

07/06/2013 – New member’s night held in Finedon.

19/05/2013 – Members attending ALSAR AGM.

11/05/2013 – Team Callout to assist Midshires Search and Rescue.

22/03/2013 – Team Call out to assist Midshires Search and Rescue.

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