Equipment we use

On this page you will find photos and descriptions of some examples of the kit we utilise on a search.

Load carrying



Dependant on what personal kit a Search Technician carries the bag that the kit is stowed inside has to be of a durable material and waterproof too.

Warm outer clothing


This is a good example of a Keela waterproof storm jacket with integrated hood. Very comfortable and withstands a good battering by the elements.
The thick leather padded gloves and woolly hat are a must for the winter.

Class 4 high visibility jacket with bump cap


This High Vis is worn at all times during a search to ensure visibility of the technician – especially by the roadside.
The ‘Bump’ cap is to be worn when in dense bracken wooded areas to reduce injury to the scalp. There is also a basic compass and red rescue whistle in one of the pockets, the whistle can be used to draw attention to your location or find.

Belt kit assembly

The belt kit should carry the following items:

Personal First aid kit.
Spare torch & batteries.
Safety goggles.
Notebook & pen/pencil
Energy bars.
Evidence bags /clear plastic bags.
Light stick.
Resuscitation Face mask.
Rescue (Tuff cut) shears or similar.
(List can be varied according to needs)

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